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We all have our own monsters, monsters that make us feel uneasy, anxious, optimistic, angry, and more. Drawing from a piece of advice that my therapist once shared with me, “make friends with these monsters as they are all trying to tell you something about yourself", I’ve learnt that the more connected and at ease we are with ourselves, the more confident and empathetic we will be towards others. It’s a magical brownie that the world needs right now.

Speaking to you is a log of the artist’s feelings and moods from 1 January 2018 to 31 December 2018. It is a visual and audio representation of her daily mood chart for an entire year. The project aims to highlight the importance of acknowledging one’s feelings that might get lost in the daily hustle, and  explores art as a much-needed space for one to process his or her emotions.

The project has been extended to include participation from the public. Participants are prompted to spend some time reflecting on their day, with their responses visually reflected and shared at the exhibition.

Speaking to you - Aug 2018Shirly Koh
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