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Lighter than Sunshowers studies the notion of one's existence through the observation of every day metaphysical spaces, Shirly explores her affinity with them while tapping into the teachings of Zen Buddhism, where each moment is free from habituation, “appearing to (the viewer) as though seen for the first time # ” .


Her interest in observing different subjects within her daily proximity invites a sense of comfort and security. During extended periods of solitude, reliance on these subjects for comfort and companionship deepens until it subsequently dissipates and reduces to ghostly impressions that are captured before they vanish into oblivion. The intricate process of creating the artwork requires acute presence and transcends to a plane, which one might compare to a meditative experience. The works thus serve as recordings of transient and intangible ideas of existence. 

 # Kazuki, A. V. Grimstone, Huikai, and Yuanwu. Two Zen classics: the Gateless gate and the Blue cliff records. Boston, MA: Shambhala, 2005, page 44 

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