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There's something quirky about our garden city – on the surface it seems man-made, manufactured and curated, yet if you look a little deeper, you'll often find a little more nature than expected.  


While it's endearing to see urban planners selectively curating, maintaining and creating structures to support plants who may otherwise not survive, the artist feels that this process denies people the opportunity to see what could be if nature could be left to its own course. 


As and when they grow uses cyanotype techniques to document plants in our urban environment that are left to their own devices - wildflowers, flowering grass, trees, cabbages and algae around the routes that the artist comes across in her everyday routine.The artwork features hand-cut plants, which often leads to the artist having to make a decision on whether she should harvest them? Or maybe wait a little while more? But what if they won't be there next week? 


The artist hopes that this artwork will instigate citizens to consider their relationship with nature while coexisting with one other in this urban environment.

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